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Yoga and Meditation with Sarah and Eat by Alex reSET Program

Monday, February 26th till Friday, March 1st, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey with our unique 5-day program designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. We have seamlessly combined the expertise of Sarah in Yoga & Meditation with Alex's revolutionary 5-day fasting-mimicking program to create a holistic experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Online Yoga & Breath Work:

Immerse yourself in the calming and invigorating world of yoga with Sarah. Whether you join the live sessions or catch the replays, you can enjoy variety of classes:

  • Monday & Thursday (6.45-7.45 am): Morning Yoga Flow incl. Breath Work

  • Wednesday (12.15-1.15 pm): Lunch Yoga Class

  • Tuesday (8.15-9.30 pm): Evening Yin Yoga Class for relaxation and improved sleep

Guided Meditation & Mindfulness:

Enhance your meditation practice with 5 pre-recorded 10-minute guided meditation audio-files. These sessions include positive affirmation settings, providing a tranquil space for self-reflection and mental rejuvenation.

More Highlights included:

  • A heartfelt welcome video from Sarah, guiding you through the program and helping you set your intentions for the week.

  • A specially curated pre-recorded Yin & Yang Yoga practice for the weekend, ensuring a perfect balance to wrap up the program.

  • Get real-time support and useful tips via a dedicated WhatsApp chat group and have all your questions answered – because together, the journey is easier and more enjoyable.

  • As a token of motivation, receive an additional Online Yoga voucher, valid for one month, encouraging you to continue your wellness journey beyond the
    5-day program.


Flexible Access:

Can't make it to a live session? No worries! Replays of live sessions will be available one hour after the session for two days. Pre-recorded videos and audio-files will be accessible until Sunday midnight, allowing you to tailor the program to your schedule.


Eat by Alex reSET Program

5-day fasting mimicking program by Eat by Alex is a restricted calorie program that mimics a fast by creating a ketogenic state while you still consume nourishing meals. Your meal plan will consist of tasty soups, fibre rich morning mixes, power balls, and other crunchy snacks.


What’s included in your package:

Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 18.34.06.png

Curated Meals

5 days of nutritious meals designed to improve metabolism, stimulate fat burning, increase mental clarity and promote cellular rejuvenation.

Fasting-mimicking Guidance

Follow your reSET booklet each day for guidance during and after the program, a meal table you can take on the go, and access to the fitness & mindfulness sessions.

Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 18.35.05.png
Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 18.34.31.png

Find all the details about the program here!


  • 5-DAY YOGA BODY RESET PROGRAM | Online Yoga & Meditation with Sarah & Eat by Alex reSET program CHF 470.-

  • 5-DAY YOGA BODY RESET PROGRAM | Online Yoga & Meditation with Sarah only (no meals) CHF 160.-

Should you have any injuries that could impact the yoga practice or should you have any food allergies, please let us know with your registration.



Monday, February 26th till Friday, March 1st, 2024


  • Welcome video will be delivered on Saturday, February 24th, so you can prep for Monday.

  • Eat by Alex reSET Box will be delivered on Friday, February 23rd. So make sure to register no later than Wednesday evening. 

Are you ready to reset your body, mind, and spirit? Join us for this exclusive 5-day experience where yoga, meditation, and fasting-mimicking unite to bring you a comprehensive wellness program like no other.

Awaken Your Inner Harmony – Your Journey Starts Now!


Sarah has over 650 hours of yoga teacher training – including 50 hours in Yoga Trapeze – from various instructors around the world. Her strong belief in the transformative power of yoga, for the mind and the body, is at the core of each practice. 


Sarah runs yoga classes 10-12 times a week and offers also one-to-one sessions. You can find her current timetables here.


For more information, please contact:
+41 76 574 08 88 | 




Alex is a trained plant-based chef specialising in raw foods. She studied culinary arts at Plantlab in Los Angeles from where she brings creative and exciting new recipes. 


After 4 successful years Alex just recently relaunched Eat by Alex including redefined clean eating programs to make your experience even more special. Her intention in creating clean eating packages is to showcase the incredible power that eating whole and plant-based food can have on your body and mind. 


For more information, please contact:
+41 78 977 79 90 | |  

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