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The Yoga Trapeze Training is a holistic training for body and mind with a focus on strength, stretching and balance. It is similar to aerial yoga training.

A hanging sling forms the basis and enables inversion training that is wonderfully relieving for the spine. In addition, the Yoga Trapeze has 3 handles on each side, which above all allow strengthening exercises in the upper body area.


Have we sparked your interest? Then try the Yoga Trapeze in a trial lesson, benefit from the many positive effects of the Yoga Trapeze Training and have FUN!


Regular Trapeze Classes:

Wednesday 7 - 8am | All Levels

Thursday 7 - 8pm | All Levels

Saturday 12-1pm | All Levels

Check teaching schedule for additional classes. 


Please register via Eversports Online Tool or or +41 76 574 08 88 for each of the classes.


How does the yoga trapeze differ from yoga on the mat?



While many of the yoga poses we do with the Yoga Trapeze appear similar to those on the mat, the dynamic is very unique. The Yoga Trapeze requires a large amount of upper body and core strength, even with the most basic movements such as getting in and out. It adds the missing "train" movement that is missing in mat-based classes.


The next important difference is the passive nature of many poses, especially backbends and shoulder openings. With the Yoga Trapeze extremely deep back bends are practiced passively, so that you can hold the poses safely for a long time.


Key Yoga Trapeze Differences:

  • Requires a lot of upper body strength

  • Functional core strengths required in dozens of postures

  • Builds up the grip strength

  • Allows passive backbends and decompresses the spine

  • Increases the space between the lower vertebrae

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