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Covid Update | February 17, 2022



As of February 17th 2022 no masks and no certificate required to attend the yoga trapeze lessons at Yoga & Trapeze Zurich. We are very happy to welcome everyone back to the studio with no restrictions. 


Please wear a mask inside the building, in the cloakroom and when entering the yoga room. You can put them on the yoga mat after showing your certificate.


These measures will be kept in place to ensure safety and convenience:

  • We have installed IQAir air purification devices with special high-performance particle filters (Hyper HEPA filters) in both yoga rooms in the Planet Yoga Studio. In addition, our yoga rooms are of course ventilated after each class.

  • For the Yoga & Trapeze Zurich classes to run smoothly, pre-registration via the Eversports app is mandatory for all classes.

  • Please appear for the classes at least 5-10 minutes before the start of the lesson to allow time to guide you to a trapeze with suitable height. 

  • Mats are available in the studio and please thoroughly disinfect them after use. If you have your own mat, feel free to bringing it with you.

  • Please use the disinfectant on site and wipe the blocks and mats with it, if you use them.

  • If you have a cough, fever, or other symptoms of illness, please stay at home.

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