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Hi and a big warm welcome! I am Sarah - a passionate yoga teacher who loves to inspire and support others to find more balance in life. As I followed my heart and passion of teaching yoga I founded my own label Yoga & Trapeze Zurich under which I offer a wide variety of yoga suitable for all practitioner levels. In my classes you benefit from a strong dynamic practice to shape your body, from Yoga Trapeze training which decompresses your spine and strengthens your upper body and core, to calming Yin Yoga classes to find a healthy mind-body balance. My aim is to help you through yoga to find a deep connection to yourself, so you can live with an open heart a fulfilled and happy life. 



I have been learning and studying yoga over the last 20 years and since 2015 I am a passionate, experienced and versatile teacher. Yoga has helped me to find a better connection to myself, to trust myself and to follow my heart. Yoga is a great method to find more balance and wellbeing in life through movement, breathing techniques and meditation. For me it has become a lifestyle, a companion for life and a true friend on my journey and everyday learning. 

Find out more about me and my education.

About Sarah Malär

I offer classes from classical mat-based yoga styles such as dynamic Vinyasa flows, over balancing Yin & Yang Yoga, to calming Yin Yoga. The classes take place at PlanetYoga and Yogastudio Anker. 


The Yoga Trapeze Training is a holistic training for body and mind with a focus on strength, stretching and balance. It is similar to aerial yoga training. Have I sparked your interest? Find out more!


Online yoga is a great way to practice together. I offer early Morning Yoga Flows, Lunch Breaks or special evening sessions. Just sign up and rollout your mat and join convenient from home or from wherever you just are.


Would you like to deepen your personal yoga practice, do you have specific questions or are you new to yoga and would like to start in a safe and private environment? Then let's have a talk and make an appointment. 


Yoga and meditation are significantly valuable for the health of managers and employees. In order for you to ideally integrate these practices into everyday business life, I will come to your company to teach yoga classes.


During summer time and when ever the weather allows it I love to offer yoga classes outdoor. It's a wonderful way to connect with the nature, inhaling fresh air and move with sounds of the birds and water. 




I strongly believe in community and partnerships. These are my trusted partner! 

To benefit from great discounts, contact me if you are interested in any of their products or services. Most of the product you can buy directly from me.

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Plant-based meal programs with home delivery. Super delicious and highly balanced programs. My food partner for workshops and retreats.

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Nutrition supplement for give your body what it really needs. Contact me for advice and purchase with a little discount.

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Yoga clothes brand, beautiful design & comfortable cotton and bamboo material. Eco- and fair-fashion.

Proud to be their ambassador.

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My partner for the Rockand Flow Outdoor Classes. Taking place on Tuesday & Friday Morning from May till September on the lake.

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Fitness holidays for active people. I'm a regular yoga and mindfulness teacher on their camps.

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MANAVA PROGRAM - A holistic Prograrm for health. 

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Tailored mental coaching. Executive Coaching. Sport Mental Coaching.

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My home base studio where teach regular classes on Monday and weekends. 


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