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Sarah has always been accompanied by the joy of movement, music or nature. And since she came into contact with yoga for the first time in 2000, she has not let go of her enthusiasm for yoga.


In 2015, Sarah completed her training as a teacher (200 Hrs Teacher Training) at Planet Yoga led by Christina Waltner, Johannes Glarner, Brigitte Hauser and Edith Hauser, and has been teaching with great joy ever since. In December 2015, she started her 6-month Yoga World Tour in India with a level 2 teacher training (300 Hrs Teacher Training) with Julie Martin, Emil Wendel and Rhys Beynon. She was allowed to develop her own yoga style, to delve deeper into the wonderful philosophy and to expand her anatomy knowledge. Workshops such as "Fascia in Yoga" by Gary Carter (UK) and international classes in Thailand, Bali, Australia, Hawaii and Zurich inspire Sarah to creatively build her own classes.


Sarah has always been passionate about reversing postures and their positive effects. In 2017 she discovered yoga trapeze - a holistic training for body and mind with focus on strength, stretching and balance. It is a wonderful addition to the yoga practice on the mat and creates relief for the spine. In April 2017 she completed her training as a Yoga Trapeze teacher (50Hhrs Teacher Training) at Yogabody and founded in November 2017 her own company Yoga & Trapeze Zurich. Under which she offers three Yoga Trapeze Group Classes at Planet Yoga.


Sarah teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yin & Yang Yoga, Yoga Movement and Yoga Trapeze. Her teaching style is powerful, dynamic-flowing and physically demanding. Balancing body and mind with mindful movement and breathing is their goal. She attaches great importance to the accurate and safe mediation of body postures and to the perception in one's own body. Through meditation, pranayama and asanas, she wants to teach yoga as a method of health and wellbeing, and encourage everyone to practice yoga off-the-mat and go through life with an open heart.


Sarah is 650 Hrs Yoga Alliance certified and teaches in English and German.


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  • 2017 50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Meridians, Elements & Energy with Kate Ashley, rooted in Yoga, grounded in Yin

  • 2017 Foundation of Yoga Trapeze Zurich and since then have offered 3 Yoga Trapeze group lessons in Planet Yoga

  • Joined yoga studio anchor in 2017

  • 2017 50hrs Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training at Yogabody in Barcelona, ​​Spain

  • Joined Planet Yoga in 2016 as a team member

  • 2016 participation in various international lessons in Thailand, Bali, Australia, Hawaii and Zurich

  • 2016 50 hours of anatomy & fascia in yoga practice - "An exploration of the fascia body with Gary Carter" in Goa, India

  • 2015 300 hour yoga teacher training level 2 at Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India under the direction of Julie Martin, Emil Wendel and Rhys Beynon

  • 2015 200 hours yoga teacher training in Planet Yoga with Christina Waltner, Johannes Glarner, Brigitte Hauser and Edith Hauser

  • Since I first came into contact with yoga in 2000, my enthusiasm for yoga has never let go. The daily practice of meditation and yoga keeps me experiencing and experiencing new things - and I am deeply grateful for that.

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